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Test Equipment

Tampa Microwave is the industry leader in Satellite Simulators in the C, X, Ku, Ka and L band communications bands. Utilizing our variety of simulator models, users are able to train personnel and test their terminals under realistic atmospheric and network conditions. Without the need for costly satellite time to perform these functions, the simulators pay for themselves in months not years.

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Satellite Simulators

Tampa Microwave’s satellite simulators provide a compact easy to use training and evaluation tool for satellite earth terminals. We provide a variety of models with different combinations of frequency bands, transmit/receive strength, atmospheric effects and form factors. Contact us with your requirements and we will recommend a cost effective solution.


Loop Test Translators

Loop Test Translators are specifically designed to allow a satellite to be “short circuited” so terminal output can be fed to down link monitoring equipment. Tampa Microwave LTT’s are designed for applications where frequency translation is needed with a minimum of amplitude and delay distortions.


Satellite Emulation Systems (SES)

Satellite Emulation System (SES) simulates the effects of delay and Doppler on the end-to-end satellite link. The SES is mission configurable such that any of the frequency bands L, C, X, Ku and Ka can be populated either at the factory or as a field upgrade that is a simply module plug-in. Control of the SES is via a remote desk top connection allowing the SES to be remotely controlled.


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